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Use Proxmox for Virtual Machines

A tutorial searies that covers everything from installing and upgrading Proxmox to using it for creating and managing VMs.

Proxmox is a type-1 hypervisor that you install on a physical server. And then you use it to create numerous virtual machines and containers, manage them, create clusters with them and what not.

If you would like to learn virtualization, or you would like to create a setup that involves using a dedicated hardware for various Linux servers, Proxmox is the force to reckon with.

Here's what you'll learn in this tutorial series:

  1. Installing Proxmox
  2. Creating virtual machines
  3. Creating containers
  4. Adding shared storage
  5. Backup and restores VMs
  6. Clone and templates
  7. Clustering and high availability
  8. Upgrading Proxmox

Let's start learning Proxmox by installing it first.