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A bi-monthly newsletter composed of bash tips, Linux tutorials, Docker and DevOps materials suitable for students, sysadmins, devops and self-hosters.

LHB Linux Digest Newsletter


This awesome newsletter keeps me updated with the advancements in Linux world; articles are helping me prepare for the certifications and the light-hearted geek humour is a big plus.


Naman Singhal

Student, India

I've been using linux since 2020 first in a virtual box and now I have it in dual boot with Windows because sometimes I need it from the university. I like to read the LHB Newsletter. Thanks for the content.


Nahuel Lescano

Student, Argentina

Though not all articles are of interest to me, I do enjoy keeping up with developments in Linux OSs. Also the articles explaining the various cli depths and linux concepts are very useful.



Retired teacher, Australia

The best part of Linux is that there is so much to discover. The tough part is that you may often have questions and you don't know whom to ask. Sometimes you do not even know what questions to ask. Linux Handbook (LHB) is a saving angel for all those who are serious about learning Linux. With LHB, you get regularly compact and clear tutorials about different aspects of Linux. The text is in plain English, with no frightening jargon or abbreviations. Good job Abhishek, Keep it up.

Linux Tux


Retired teacher and eternal learner, India

I like LHB content very much. It is sharp, simple, concise and easy to understand. Keep the good work.

Amit Rathore

Sysadmin with 12+ years of experience, India

I got a Linux certification in Venezuela and because of economical situation I was force to move outside my country. Your newletter from Linux Handbook is very fun and good, both the old and the new one. A good quality product.

Cesare Desiderati

35+ years with UNIX and Linux, Argentina/Venezuela


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