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Learn Linux and DevOps with easy to follow tutorials, books, videos and workbooks.

We are an independent, bootstrapped EdTech portal and learning platform from the same team behind It’s FOSS, the web’s favourite Linux and Open-Source portal.

While It’s FOSS focuses on Open Source, Linux news and desktop Linux, Linux Handbook focuses exclusively on the server side of Linux.

At Linux Handbook, you’ll learn the Linux command line in detail along with tutorials and courses on cloud-related technologies, DevOps tools, managing servers, self-hosting and more.

Here are a few notable things about Linux Handbook...

  • More than 500 Linux tutorials, mini-courses and in-depth guides
  • 17,000+ subscribers
  • 100+ Pro members
  • 100,000+ Twitter followers
  • 5 e-books, 1 video course, 4 text-based courses and numerous downloadable educational materials
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Meet your educators

At Linux Handbook, you get to learn from a range of educators. From seasoned sysadmin and devops to young explorer, you are benefiting from the expertise of these individuals.

Abhishek Prakash

Creator of Linux Handbook. A Linux user and educator with more than 12 years of experience, Abhishek has written hundreds of tutorials on a range of topics from Linux concepts to hosting and deploying web services. This comes with first-hand experience of self-hosting websites and applications for over a decade.

Ahmed Alkabary

DevOps Engineer by day and Linux educator by night. Ahmed has written best-selling books like Learn Linux Quickly and Learn Ansible Quickly. He has also created several online courses on Bash, Docker, Ansible and many more DevOps tools.

Doron Beit-Halahmi

Seasoned sysadmin, forever learner. Doron is a long-time system mangler who got his first taste of Linux compiling and configuring IRCd servers from source in the mid-90s. He then dwelled into web hosting operations through reseller accounts and dedicated servers. He runs a web hosting business and spends his free time tweaking his homelab which is composed of mostly old PCs repurposed as servers.

Pratham Patel

Learner and explorer. Pratham is an undergraduate student with a keen interest in Nix, RISC-V and embedded systems. As a hobby, he juggles with Podman container pods and advocates rewriting everything in Rust using NeoVim. He has created Podman mini-course and Vim tutorial series among other things.

Helder Martin

Senior System Engineer. With more than 20 years in the IT industry, Helder is a seasoned Linux user and a technology expert.

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