Privacy Policy

At Linux Handbook, we take data privacy seriously, very seriously!

Our website runs on HTTPS which means your connection to our website is secure.

Have you noticed that there are minimal tracking scripts on this website? Don't take my words for that. Check it for yourself using Privacy Badger.

We don't have ad scripts tracking you. Heck, we don't even have Google Analytics here.

We do show ads but these are non-tracking, ethical ads from Carbon. The ads are based on the content on the website, not based on what you have been searching.

We use Cove for providing the commenting system. Only members (both normal and sudo members) can leave comments. Cove also doesn't track you.

We often link to external resources for further reading and consultation. The external websites have their own privacy policy and we don't have any control on that.

If you are a sudo member, your payment is processed through Stripe. We don't keep your payment information. Stripe may have JS for correct functioning of the payment system.

We prefer to use Vimeo instead of YouTube for embedding video content. Vimeo doesn't show ads like YouTube.

The only thing we have on you is your email, that too when you are a member of this website.

We use CloudFlare to speed up the website so that it loads quickly for you. They collect log data like IP address, system configuration (OS, Browser). When you connect to any web server, your IP address and system configuration can be read by the server. Don't worry! You are not profiled. Your data is aggregated and it is not identifiable.  Please read what CloudFlare logs.

We want you to enjoy reading useful Linux articles. You can support us by becoming a sudo member of Linux Handbook.

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