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Getting Started With Zsh Shell

Start learning Zsh, one tutorial at a time.

While bash is the most widely available and popular shell, Zsh has a strong following among a certain section of developers and sysadmins.

Though it has some awesome features, they would need some customization either manually or through plugins.

This section is a collection of tips and tutorials that will help you learn and use Zsh more effectively.

You'll learn the following:

  • Why Zsh is awesome?
  • Installing Zsh and making it default shell
  • Configuring aliases in Zsh
  • Enabling syntax highlighting in Zsh
  • Enabling command history in Zsh
  • Enabling autosuggestions based on command history
  • Customizing Zsh prompt
  • Setting environment variable in Zsh
  • Using Powerlevel10k to get more out of it
  • Using Oh My Zsh (coming soon)
  • Best Zsh plugin (coming soon)