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LHB Linux Digest #23.05: AI in Linux Terminal, Chattr, Certbot and More

AI in Linux terminal? Yes, that's a thing and it is getting popular.

Abhishek Prakash

Warp Terminal

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💭 Let's see what you get in this edition:

  • Tools that let you use AI in terminal
  • Essential Docker commands
  • Memes that only Linux users can understand

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🌱 Linux Tips, Tutorials and More

Make your files 'undeletable', even by root with the chattr command.

Use chattr Command in Linux
With chattr command, you can make a file ‘undeletable’ even by root. Here are some common usage of the chattr command in Linux.

Docker has an extensive set of commands (subcommands to be more precise). You cannot possibly use all of them and there is no need to go for that achievement as well. Here are the essential ones you should know.

21 Essential Docker Commands [Explained With Examples]
A compilation of 21 executable and informative Docker commands for your quick reference.

Certbot is a lifesaver for busy sysadmins who cannot be bothered to renew each and every SSL certificate every few months.

Using Certbot With Nginx Web Server
Certbot makes the SSL certificate deployment and renewal such an effortless process. Learn how to use certbot with Ngnix.

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🗞️ The happenings

🤖 AI in Terminal

Ever since ChatGPT was released to public, people just cannot get enough of AI.

While you can use ChatGPT to generate Linux commands, doing so from the terminal is even more convenient.

Here, I list a few such tools that let you use ChatGPT like AI system directly in the Linux terminal.

GitHub - dylanjcastillo/shell-genie: Your wishes are my commands
Your wishes are my commands. Contribute to dylanjcastillo/shell-genie development by creating an account on GitHub.
GitHub - aandrew-me/tgpt: ChatGPT in terminal without API keys
ChatGPT in terminal without API keys. Contribute to aandrew-me/tgpt development by creating an account on GitHub.
Yo - AI powered terminal assistant
Yo is an AI (artificial intelligence) powered terminal assistant. Use it to prepare and execute any command lines from requests expressed in your natural language. You can also engage in conversation with it about any topics you may think about. Unleash the power of AI with the comfort of staying…

By the way, the first AI-based chatbot in the computer terminal was ELIZA. It was created in 1964.

🛠️ Nifty tool

Coder shifts software development from local machines to on-prem and public cloud infrastructure. Onboard new developers in minutes, build code on powerful servers—all while keeping source code and data secure behind your firewall.

Coder - Your Self-Hosted Remote Development Platform
Coder - Your Self-Hosted Remote Development Platform

😂 Geek Humor

That's totally me :)

Spiderman meme for devops and AWS folks

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