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LHB Linux Digest #23.06: Syslogs, Processes and Troubleshooting Slow Website

Learn about troubleshooting slow WordPress websites, and combining Ghost with Discourse, among other Linux tutorials.

Abhishek Prakash

Warp Terminal

Would you like to have a community forum for Linux Handbook? A place where you could seek advice and share your Linux server experience with other LHB members?

The idea occurred to me while I was working on a tutorial combining Ghost with Discourse.

Let me know if something like that interests you.

💭 Let's see what you get in this edition:

  • /tmp directory and processes in Linux
  • Troubleshooting slow WordPress website
  • Memes that only Linux users can understand

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📚 Linux Tips, Tutorials and More

Even in the era of journal logs with systemd, the traditional and reliable syslogs remain significant. This guide will teach you the fundamentals of logging using syslogd.

Beginner’s Guide to Syslogs in Linux [Real World Examples]
The good old syslogs are still relevant in the systemd age of journal logs. Learn the basics of logging with syslogd in this guide.

If you're curious about the currently active processes on your Linux system and would like to obtain more information about them, you can learn how to do so here.

Check All Running Process in Linux
Want to know what all processes are running on your systems? Here’s how to get details of the running processes in Linux.

Yeah, there is a tmp directory in your root account. Learn what it is and why it is used.

The /tmp directory in Linux: What You Should Know
Learn some crucial things about the /tmp directory. You’ll also learn how it is different from the /var/tmp directory.

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🗞️ What's happening

🌟 Highlights

No one likes slow websites more than the sysadmins hosting it. Claudio shared his experience on finding the root cause behind a really slow WordPress site. If you host websites, you'll find it interesting.

Troubleshooting very slow Wordpress backend (100% CPU usage on uploads) with eBFP and Flamegraphs
Analyzing and troubleshooting a very slow Wordpress backend using eBPF and Flamegraphs. Or: All paths lead to caching.

I love the Ghost CMS. This is a great platform for publishing content focused on membership. This could be taken to the next level by combining Ghost membership with Discourse. Here's my experience.

Integrating Ghost SSO With Discourse Forum
Here’s a step by step tutorial to integrate your Ghost members’ sign-in with your Discourse forum.

💡Terminal tip

Don't like the infinite long output in the top command?

Use the option -i to hide the idle process and only show the active ones:

top -i
Linux top command tip

🛠️ Nifty tools

Pods is a frontend for Podman to keep track of your Podman containers. It uses libadwaita for its user interface and strives to meet the design principles of GNOME.

GitHub - marhkb/pods: Keep track of your podman containers
Keep track of your podman containers. Contribute to marhkb/pods development by creating an account on GitHub.

Frogmouth is a Markdown viewer / browser for your terminal.

GitHub - Textualize/frogmouth: A Markdown browser for your terminal
A Markdown browser for your terminal. Contribute to Textualize/frogmouth development by creating an account on GitHub.

😂 Geek Humor

I was not expecting this simple tweet to blow up like this 😎

Linux sysadmin forced to join standup meeting

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