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LHB Linux Digest #23.04: Firewall Logs, Bash Tips and FREE Docker eBook

Time for a small gift. Get this Docker Beginner book and start your Docker journey.

Abhishek Prakash

Warp Terminal

Docker is still ruling the container world. Learning Docker could help your career. You can also use it for your personal homelab setup.

I have got a little something for you in this newsletter if you want to start learning Docker.

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💭 Let's have a look at the interesting things included here:

  • Free Docker ebook
  • Brace expansion and special variables in Bash
  • Beginner's guide to UFW logging
  • Memes that only Linux users can understand

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🌱 UFW, Bash Tips and More

Ubuntu and many other distros use the UFW firewall. Here's a quick starter on using the UFW logging so that you can see what's going with your firewall.

UFW Logging: Everything You Need to Know
Learn all about UFW logs and how to use them effectively. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about UFW logs.

I always find it amusing that even seasoned Linux users are unaware of the awesome brace expansion feature. Yes! It's amazing. Trust me.

Using Brace Expansion in Bash Shell
Brace expansion in the bash shell is a lesser known but an awesome feature. Learn about using them like a Pro Linux user with practical examples.

Since we are talking bash, how about getting familiar with the special variables?

Special Variables in Bash Shell [With Script Examples]
The bash shell has some special variables that have specific usages and purposes. Learn more about them here.

Free Docker eBook

This little ebook by Bobby Iliev provides a good introduction to Docker for absolute beginners.

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🗞️ The happenings

💡 Terminal Tip

Used a certain command earlier but cannot remember its exact name anymore? Without exact name, even History command cannot help you much.

But the apropos could be of help here. It searches for the given term in the man page.

apropos keyword_to_search

More on this command here:

Search for Available Linux Commands With apropos
Can’t remember a certain Linux command? Use the apropos command and search for it in the available commands.

🛠️ Nifty tool

Dashy is an open source, highly customizable, easy to use, privacy-respecting dashboard app. Perfect for your homelab.

Dashy | Dashy
Description will go into a meta tag in <head />

😂 Geek Humor

AWS has a new meaning now :)

Spiderman meme for devops and AWS folks

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