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LHB Linux Digest #24.07: New Linux Course Launched, Monitoring Tips and More

Linux for DevOps course is here 🎉

Abhishek Prakash

Warp Terminal

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, we are working on a DevOps bootcamp with a series of coursed under it.

The first course in this series is finally here; a complete Linux command course that covers all the essentials in 16 different chapters.

Linux for DevOps: Essential Knowledge for Cloud Engineers
Learn the essential concepts, command-line operations, and system administration tasks that form the backbone of Linux in the DevOps world.

The course is available for Pro members. This would be a good time to opt for Pro membership as we are considering a price increase to accommodate DevOps bootcamp.

There is also this dedicated course and ebooks page that lists various courses available for you.

Python scripting will be the next course in the bootcamp.

💭 What else you get in this edition of LHB Linux Digest:

  • Server monitoring tips and tools
  • Ansible and Kubernetes tips
  • Tools and memes for Linux lovers
  • This edition is supported by Netdata.

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Abhishek Prakash