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LHB Linux Digest #24.03: Proxmox Course, Zsh Series, and More

More tutorial series are available now on Linux Handbook.

Abhishek Prakash

Warp Terminal

You probably already know that VMWare was acquired by Broadcom. In the past couple of months, Broadcom has been making numerous decisions on products and licenses that have irked the longtime VMware users.

As a result, people are seeking alternatives and Proxmox is one of the popular choice.

The good thing is that Linux Handbook already has a tutorial series on Proxmox and it is seeing 3 times more activity than before.

Readers like Earl Wertheimer think that the LHB's Proxmox series is better than the official Proxmox docs. I let you be the judge of that.

Getting Started With Proxmox
A tutorial searies that covers everything from installing and upgrading Proxmox to using it for creating and managing VMs.

💭 What else you get in this edition of LHB Linux Digest:

  • Zsh tutorial series
  • A terminal with IDE-like features and a built-in AI assistant.
  • Project IDX: Web-based workspace for full-stack application development
  • Tools and memes for Linux lovers

✨ Project highlight: Warp, the terminal from the future

A terminal for the new age people. With IDE-like features and built-in AI assistant, Warp is to command line what VS Code is to coding. Warp is in beta for Linux right now and the stable version will be coming this week itself.

Linux Terminal
The modern, Rust-based command line terminal with AI built in. Now available in beta for Linux. Join the waitlist today.

📖 Linux tips and tutorials

We have a new tutorial series focused on Zsh this time. It is a collection of tips and tutorials on effectively using Zsh features.

Getting Started With Zsh Shell
Start learning Zsh, one tutorial at a time.

There is an install command in Linux that you probably never used or even heard of.

Using Install Command in Linux
The install command lets you copy file with advanced parameters. See some examples in this article.
Abhishek Prakash