What are Pipes in Linux? How does Pipe Redirection Works?

There are two kinds of pipes in Linux: named and unnamed. Here's a detailed look at pipe redirection.

Debdut Chakraborty
Debdut Chakraborty

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You might have used a syntax like cmd0 | cmd1 | cmd2 in your terminal quite too many times.

You probably also know that it is pipe redirection which is used for redirecting output of one command as input to the next command.

But do you know what goes underneath? How pipe redirection actually works?

Not to worry because today I'll be demystifying Unix pipes so that the next time you go on a date with those fancy vertical bars, you'll know exactly what's happening.

Note: I have used the term Unix at places because the concept of pipes (like so many other things in Linux) originates from Unix.

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