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LHB Linux Digest #23.16: Test Operators, Group Linux Commands, Hacktoberfest and More

Your usual assortment of AI, DevOps and Linux tips and tutorials.

Abhishek Prakash

Warp Terminal

An overwhelming majority of Linux Handbook readers liked the website redesign. I am humbled by the response 🙏

I have consolidated more articles on topic basis. This way, you get to explore more on a topic easily. Here are a few examples:

I'll be working on more such consolidated topics.

Oh! I have also changed the commenting system on LHB. It is easier to leave comments now.

💭 What you get in this edition of LHB Linux Digest:

  • Copying files with transfer progress
  • Slef-hosted ChatGPT alternative
  • Tools and memes for Linux lovers

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Abhishek Prakash