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LHB Linux Digest #23.15: New 'Course Feature', AI and Linux Tutorials

LHB has design change to give you a more organized and streamlined Linux learning.

Abhishek Prakash

Warp Terminal

Linux Handbook has changed!

No, not in terms of content but in terms of design. You'll find a new, refreshed look. There is also a new commenting system.

But the most significant change is the 'documentation styled' layout. LHB has hundreds of tutorials but you may not find them all.

So, I am grouping them in course format so that you can follow a certain topic in an organized manner.

Linux Handbook website design

This is only for articles that can be part of a group on a certain topic, of course. Not all articles follow this format.

Please let me know if you like this new design by replying yes or no to this email. Detailed feedback is even more appreciated :)

💭 What you get in this edition of LHB Linux Digest:

  • More AI and machine learning articles
  • Jenkins on EC2 with Terraform
  • Listing USB devices in Linux
  • Tools and memes for Linux lovers

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Abhishek Prakash