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LHB Linux Digest #23.09: Trap Command, Systemd Services, Vim Buffers and More

Red Hat's latest move is cutting off the competition. Other than that, learn about the trap built-in and systemd services.

Abhishek Prakash

Red Hat dropped a bomb last week by restricting access to its source code to paying customers only.

It won't make any difference to end users. However, it rings danger bells for the Red Hat clones like Rocky Linux and Alma Linux. The move intends to cut the competition and take all the profits home.

With the 'big news' aside, let's see

💭 What you get in this edition of LHB Linux Digest:

  • Trap built-in
  • Systemd services
  • Vim buffers
  • Memes for Linux lovers

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Abhishek Prakash