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Learn Linux and DevOps with easy to follow tutorials, books, videos and workbooks.

Linux Handbook is an independent web portal from the same team behind It’s FOSS, web’s favorite Linux and Open-Source portal.

While It’s FOSS focuses on Open Source, Linux news and desktop Linux, Linux Handbook focuses on the server side of Linux.

At Linux Handbook, you’ll learn Linux command line in detail along with tutorials on cloud-related technologies, DevOps tools, managing servers, self-hosting and more such tips and tricks.

Here are a few notable things about Linux Handbook...

  • More than 500 Linux tutorials and in-depth guides
  • Over 8,000 members
  • Over 60,000 Twitter followers
  • 5 e-books, 1 video course and numerous downloadable educational material
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Support an independent publisher

It is difficult to be an indie publisher and continue publishing quality content without corporate backing.

If you want a clean reading and premium learning experience without tracking ads lurking everywhere along with the satisfaction of supporting a small publisher, opt for the premium membership.

You can become a member for just $50 per year (it's less than what you would spend on a few meals in a week).

As a Pro member, you get e-Books created by our team (4 of them so far) and video courses (coming soon).

If you don't want to commit to a monthly subscription, you may also make a one-time donation. Every bit helps.