RHCE Ansible Series

This is a 12 chapter tutorial series to teach you Ansible with Red Hat and CentOS Linux distributions. The tutorials follow the RHCE EX294 certification exam syllabus and provides all the necessary material to pass the exam. Even if you are not preparing for the exam, you can still follow the tutorials to learn Ansible from scratch. No previous knowledge of Ansible is required. The tutorials are written with hands-on lab scenarios to practice while learning.
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RHCE Ansible Series
RHCE Ansible Series #9: Ansible Roles paid
Ansible 11 min read

RHCE Ansible Series #9: Ansible Roles

This is the ninth chapter of RHCE Ansible EX 294 exam preparation series. You'll understand how roles are structured in Ansible. You'll also learn to use ready-made roles from Ansible Galaxy and create your own custom Ansible roles.…
Ahmed Alkabary
Ahmed Alkabary
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