Mar 9, 2023 4 min read

LHB Monthly #23.03: Free Kubernetes Courses, chage and pgrep Linux Commands

Kubernetes is perhaps the hottest term in the DevOps industry today. I have got a hidden gem for you in this newsletter.

💭 Let's have a look at the interesting things included here:

  • Free Kubernetes course
  • Selected LHB Linux articles
  • Memes that can only be understood by Linux users

🫶 Newsletter sponsor: DevOpsShell

DevOpsShell is the ultimate command line tool to take your operating system to the next level! DevOpsShell is to the standard terminal what Microsoft Word is to Notepad.

With its powerful features such as Clones, Spawns, Commands, Repeaters, Arrays, Variables, and Notes, DevOpsShell is a stand-alone application that expands the capabilities of your OS shell tremendously. It runs within its own ecosystem, allowing you to use any OS commands or applications such as MongoDB, MySQL, or SSH while continuing to use DevOpsShell's internal commands. This means you can launch a CLI and use DevOpsShell's features right within it!

Upgrade your command line today and download DevOpsShell for free!

DevOpsShell - Take your command line to the next level
Upgrade the capabilities of your operating system shell with DevOpsShell.

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